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The TOKEN project has developed an experimental ecosystem that simplifies the implementation of Blockchain and Decentralized technologies within Public Services

The Token Platform offers developer-friendly plug-and-play services and free/open-source components which have already been implemented in 4 replicable Use Cases. The purpose of the use cases is to showcase the simplicity of working with the Token Platform and the benefits of adopting blockchain and decentralized technologies within public services.

If you are interested in learning more about the TOKEN platform and/or any of the Use Cases, do not hesitate to request more information.

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The Token platform offers a developer-friendly set of plug-and-play services and open-source components for building decentralized apps and services. So you can focus on building, not on infrastructure.


The use case focuses on better exploitation of data in a Smart City context through a better knowledge of the usage of the data, setting up a transparent solution for the evaluation and valorization of the use of data made by third parties in smart cities.


The use case intends to develop a new system for public funding distribution applying decentralised technologies with the goal to improve transparency, efficiency and reducing cost and time for both parties (applicants and granting bodies).


The use case is focused on saving costs and time, and increasing trust, in the reconciliation of financial data collected from the different units of public expenditure at the whole municipality level



The Use Case aims to promote sustainable last-mile deliveries and local economy in the city of Leuven by granting access to the city and parking services based on sustainable practices and using the unique capabilities of blockchain technology.