Demo 5 – Last Mile Logistics & Dynamic City Access Management


  • The city of Leuven’s objective is to become climate neutral by 2050. Logistics service providers are driving half empty in/out of the city – increased congestion

  • City of Leuven has limited variables on which it can allow vehicles in the city center – not supportive in obtaining climate goals

  • Logistic service providers aren’t rewarded for the effort they would invest in more sustainable solutions (e.g. increased loading ration, green vehicle type, fewer transport miles, etc.)


Promote sustainable last-mile deliveries and local economy in the city of Leuven by granting access to the city and parking services based on sustainable practices. By using the unique capabilities of blockchain technology such as transparency, and distributed traceability the use case aims to create a trusted platform for all the partners. This platform will enable effective logistics tracking planning for local food, and a distributed interaction with all the actors in the value chain.


Urban Logistic Solution – Dynamic access control: A system to evaluate access requests (parameters + advantages decided by the city). Linked with planning systems of transport companies and with city control mechanism Improved local economy solutions and, ultimately, improved urban logistics and mobility

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